The Role of Association CEO

Whether your association budget is large with many staff or your budget is small with few or no full-time staff, the responsibilities of the CEO are common and many. The difference is the CEO of the small association is responsible beyond the level of leadership but also involved directly with implementation down to the administrative task. Consider these major responsibilities: Membership Development, Membership Benefits, Membership Administration, Governance, Volunteer Development, Meeting/Event Management, Government Affairs, Market Development, Education, Operations, Communications and Cheerleader.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Event Planning Checklist

My volunteer leaders were struggling with the complexities of planning a small event for our trade association so I prepared this checklist to help guide them. I had found several extensive checklists in ASAE Resources but felt they may be too long and detailed for volunteers to consume. Please comment on my list if you can add to it.

Small Event Planning Checklist for a Volunteer-Run Organization
· Establish Objective (membership, fundraising, etc)
· Identify Primary Target Attendee (owners, employees, members, prospects)
· Funding source (equity, sponsors, registration)
· Describe the Specific, Compelling Value (that will create attendance)
· Mission Match (Is it who we are, quality, image, topic, etc?)
· Select Date (no significant cultural or industry conflicts)
· Design Program (Presenters, introducers, emcee)
·  Set Agenda (times and program flow)
·  Prepare budget, set attendance targets
·  Registration Source Responsibilities (direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, personal recruiting, etc)
·  Board Approval
·  Select Location/Sign Contract
· Location set-up requirements/contracts (room set, a/v needs, f-b)
·  Program Chair: Presenters, Special Guests, emcee, room set, a/v, etc.
· F-B Chair: f-b items, planning and on-site management
· Marketing Chair: promo scripts, registration flyer, promo schedule, sales responsibilities, registration handling.
· Sponsorship Chair (if applicable): sponsored items/prices, sponsor sales scripts, flyer, sales responsibilities, recognition, thank you notes
·  Event Chair: Coordinate other Chairs, manage location vendors, oversee on-site flow, timing, quality, bill-pay, photography, press release/newsletter notes, signage, handouts, chair and volunteer thank you notes/recognition
(Source: Skip Potter, c6support)


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